Brand History


2021 Keep Innovating and Improving, Remaining the Dominating Position in the SEA Market

  • AE White Label upgraded to version 2.0 with more effective promotion tools.
  • AE Sexy improved in all aspects. Asia Hall and Special Hall please your desires.
  • AE Gaming made a huge debut and was greatly received, winning everyone’s attention.
  • AE LIVE is online now! Enjoy live streaming interactive and watch sports events like never before.
  • AE Sports, highly anticipated by the market with the exclusive user social community.
  • AE POKER got players’ attention by providing the best localized interactive experiences.
  • AE CRIC-EX, the product will change the Indian sports market.
  • AE LOTTO, a brand-new version of the Asian Lottery games is a must to conquer the SEA market.
  • AE eSports where the players can enjoy live events without delay.


2020 AE White Label, No.1 Market Share in Southeast Asia

  • One-stop service, securing No.1 market share on white label in Southeast Asia.
  • Localized the business market, launched Thai Lottery, Thai Chess, and Animal competitions.


AE White Label is Unstoppable in Southeast Asia

  • Officially debuted in Macau and Manila, leading the way into emerging Southeast Asian markets.
  • AE White Label has quickly entered the markets of seven countries including the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Myanmar.
  • Great reviews from all partners in the industry, leading to soaring popularity.


AE White Label, Dazzling Debut

  • The lottery system came out, players love it.
  • AE White Label system is robust, successfully laying the foundation of trust between customers and players.


AE Sexy Debut

  • Builds tens of millions of studios, exclusive audio and video streaming technology, fast play without delay.
  • Traveling to Latin America to select bikini croupiers of different nationalities, which is pleasing to the eye.